First Friday Adoration at SPOC

It’s been awhile, almost a year now when Churches in the archdiocese were closed due to the pandemic.  LA county and archdiocese have given permission for houses of worship to hold services indoor provided that all health and safety protocols are observed, though outdoor services are still recommended during this time.  Masses at St. Paul of the Cross (SPOC) Church are still held in our Gannon Hall where all the front and side doors that provide a very good cross ventilation are always open.  However, small liturgical services with small group can be held inside our Church.

Our First Friday adoration will be held inside our Church with all doors and windows open to provide good ventilation.  It will be from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm.  We request all who come for the adoration to spread out and maintain social distancing.  By having the adoration in a small group inside the Church, people will experience and feel again the atmosphere of being inside the House of God which was closed early last year due to the pandemic.